Slick Compressionless Brake Cable/Housing Kit

Part No: 14830

Available at your local bike shop
Take your bike's mechanical braking and shifting performance to another level with the Origin8 Slick Cable and Compressionless Housing Kits. Starting with an extra-long stainless steel die-pulled and polished cable, a durable, ultra-smooth surface finish is then added via an electrodeposition process that greatly reduces friction. Used in conjunction with the pre-lubed, Kevlar lined, linear strand compressionless housing, these kits offer smooth, fast, and reliable braking and shifting. A generous number of alloy O-ring and sleeve ferrules are provided to ensure that the system remains free from external contaminants. Available for both Road and MTB applications, the Origin8 Slick Cable and Compressionless Housing Kits are a great performance upgrade for any bike. 
  • Slick compressionless brake cable/housing kits offer smooth, crisp, and reliable braking
  • Kits include:
  • 5mm pre-lubed, Kevlar lined, compressionless brake housing
  • 1.5mm stainless steel die-pulled and polished slick brake cables with SRAM/Shimano compatible heads for both MTB and Road applications
  • Alloy sleeve ferrules
  • Alloy O-ring ferrules
  • Cable donuts
  • Spiral frame protectors
  • Cable tips

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