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Wherever you started, wherever you end up, Origin8 supports the evolution of your cycling journey.

Whatever you think you know about Origin8 goes out the window because from this moment forward, the NEW ride begins here. Fully re-engineered and designed specifically for the smart, performance focused cyclist.

Origin8’s new performance collection is versatile enough to bring value to the weekend warrior yet perform fiercely for the competitive cyclist. Drag tested, quality assured, athlete approved, this is the new Origin8.
When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.
Lao Tzu

Adventure Ready

Origin8 cycling components are available for multiple disciplines. Whether it’s road, mountain, gravel or track cycling, Origin8 delivers great performance without breaking the bank. We got you.

The Ride Begins Here


Like You Never Expected

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The Ride
Begins Here

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