Lucas Brunelle is a free spirit, skilled cyclist, and talented filmmaker known for his extreme adventures and pushing limits on a bicycle far beyond what most consider possible, or perhaps even reasonable. His videos documenting the madness can be found on his personal website, his YouTube channel, and featured at prestigious events such as the Bicycle Film Festival and the International Cycling Film Festival. Where does Lucas find the motivation? Well, in his own words… “From 2004 to present, I have traveled to the most exciting and dangerous places to capture the best riders in their element. I have done this for my audience whom I see at BFF and online. I know I have influenced a lot of people to ride, ride faster, and take calculated risks. I also know my films have taken people where they’ve never been before.” Lucas takes care of business on board the Origin8 Bolt Carbon Disc Wheelset, subjecting them to some of the most brutal conditions and environments. If you don’t believe us, go watch the videos… “Ride Fast Die Last”